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Flock Register

Flock Database

The Stud Merino Breeders Association of WA collates the West Australian studs’ annual returns and transfers the information to the Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders for compilation of the national register.

The Australian Stud Merino Flock Register is updated annually and posted on the website;  merinos.com.au/flockreg/

Record Keeping

In order to collect, verify and publish information, a Vendor’s and Purchaser’s Certificate (VP) is issued at the point of sale of stud sheep and stud genetic material, and submitted with the purchaser’s annual return.

It is imperative that ALL ADDITIONS (purchases or gifts) of stock and/or genetics used in a stud are recorded via a VP in the annual return and published in the national flock register.

VP certificates are available from the office upon request.

Vendor’s & Purchaser’s Certificates (VP)

How to complete a VP:

At the time of selling stud rams, ewes, embryos, or semen (quantities to be noted in doses, not straws or pellets), complete a VP.  Record vendor’s name, address, stud details as well as purchaser’s information and details of sale. The original and blue copy is handed to the purchaser. The pink copy is retained by the vendor for own record. The white copy is forwarded to the SMBAWA for recording and collating with the annual return.

When buying stud rams, ewes, semen or embryos, request the completion of a VP from the vendor at the time of purchase. Sign and complete the VP at the bottom of the certificate.

The original blue VP is to be retained by the purchaser until the annual return for the year is received. After completing the annual return, attach the original blue VP and forward both to the SMBAWA with the appropriate subscription fees.

The second blue copy is retained for record by the purchaser.

Annual Return

These yearly forms are in triplicate and forwarded to each member in December. Once completed, the original, white copy and VPs are returned together with payment of the annual subscription to the SMBAWA. The pink copy of the form is retained by the member for record.

A penalty fee of $55 is payable on late annual returns – forms lodged after 28 February. If a member has not received an annual return form by mid January, contact the SMBAWA for a duplicate.